Managing student life with Nationwide

Your Student Money was commissioned by Nationwide to help potential university-goers learn about student life and finances, to coincide with the launch of the first Nationwide student account. 
Web Design - Print Design​​​​​​​
Agency: Zinc Communicate
Role: Designer


Nationwide wanted to cover a range of aspects of university life and so there was a LOT of information to be housed on this site. I designed the structure and layout with this in mind, making sure information was available in smaller chunks that could be expanded so that the viewer could navigate the site at a glance without becoming overwhelmed, but with the opportunity to dig deeper and uncover all the details available.
We commissioned an illustrator to create these quirky human/animal hybrid characters to inject some humour to the info on the site and appeal to the student audience. 
Included in the site are downloadable worksheets that the user can print and fill out to help keep track of finances.

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