A visual identity for Truth and Trust Online

The Conference for Truth and Trust Online was established in 2019, organised by members of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, and Microsoft as a unique collaboration to improve the trustworthiness of online communications, address problems and share useful technical innovations and research.
Logo Design - Event Collateral
The logo

Discussing the brief for the visual identity, keywords that came up were: Problem-solving, integrity, security, authenticity. Working with these, our final choice for the logo combines the idea of a padlock and chain, symbols of security and connection, using the letterforms T T O to form a modern monogram, for authenticity and innovation.
The type uses a base of Futura for it's classic, trusted, and open appearance, with customisation to the ascenders of the characters to match the shape of the mark.
The conference materials

The materials for the conference expand the bands of colour and angles used in the logo with the idea of setting the information inside and around the mark; everything is taking place within and around Truth and Trust Online.

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