Bringing a Tokyo summer to London

The London Summer Event Show takes place annually in central London, - a themed event showcasing London’s top event suppliers. This year’s show was held at Banking Hall, and inspired by (what would have been!) the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.
Illustration - Window Mural - Hand-lettering - Marketing Collateral - Event Signage
The show was set over three distinct rooms: A bustling Tokyo street, an Olympic Village and a tranquil cherry blossom sanctuary. With in mind I created the cover illustration to reflect these elements. Each sign pictured has a meaning in Kanji relating to the theme:
夏めく Beginning to look like summer 
運動  Motion, exercise, sport 
生  Life 
ハッピー  Happy, glad, delighted
Invitations were based on a traditional Japanese Negajo New Year Card, complete with a Kakuro puzzle for the guest to complete to be entered into a prize draw.
I worked on-location to paint a window mural at the venue entrance. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any shots of the finished window this time, but I took some work in process shots (below). The windows acted as a preview of what guests could expect inside, welcoming them into the event experience.

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