Planning an event?

I offer services to enrich the experience of your guests!
Brush lettering and calligraphy
Enrich the experience of your event with a live portrait artist to (virtually) sketch your guests in real time. Add an extra level of interactivity to your virtual event and bring joy to your guests as they watch themselves brought to life in sketch form!
Group Portraits
Capture your team party in sketch form!
I sketch each event participant live as the virtual event is happening. Following the call I add any finishing touches and arrange the sketches into a group shot with your event title and branding. 
Your event is immortalised in a fun sketch which you can have printed as a gift for team members, or share away on all your social channels! 
Individual Portraits
Offer your guests the chance to have their portrait drawn live at your virtual event!
I join your virtual event with my camera pointed at my tablet so guests can see the sketches happening live on the call. 
I draw your guests’ portraits to sit alongside your event title and branding.
They receive the digital sketch after the event and have a fun custom portrait of themselves to keep and share on social media!
I draw with my camera pointed at my screen so you see the sketches happening in real time.
If you’d like to make an enquiry, have any questions or want to chat anything through, please feel free to get in touch!
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